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The job: The designer was approached by a prospective client who was looking to purchase a block of land. The deisgner gave informal advice, no formal designs were made, no fees were paid. Find out how it ended... Read More

The job: Designer was approached to design a house for a client. The client had a clear design vision and provided the designer with existing plans. Find out how it ended... Read More

It's that time of year again where BDAQ members far and wide look at their projects and decide which ones are 'awards worthy' Read More

Our members elected their 2021-2022 Management Committee on Friday at the 2021 Annual General Meeting. Read More

Here's why joining your association is 2021's best way to invest in your business and career... Read More

Information regarding changes to PI Insurance provided by BDAQ Partner, Webber Insurance. Read More

We're excited to announce we have signed an ongoing, collaborative partnership with Youturn Youth Support. Read More

New to the awards game? Entered before but keen to really nail it this year? Some of our previous BDQ Design Awards winners have put together tips & tricks to help you make the most of the awards season... Read More

BDQ is excited to announce that today members voted unanimously in favour of allowing a wider community of Building Design Industry Professionals to become full members of the association. Read More

The job: the designer was engaged to design an extension and an employee of the design company provided all the services. Find out how it ended... Read More

Charming, handsome family man, Peter Searle, finds it more difficult than most of us to run his Gold Coast building design practice Read More

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